Achromatic Project creates a sound so delicate and ingenious that seeks its own sound while at the same time is being influenced by classic and contemporary authors.”

Xabiajazz – 2016
–La Marina Plaza

“We have been pleasantly surprised. This music is made with lots of foundation.”

Jose Luís Caucelo – 2019
–Radio Puerto

“This is a record attached to the so-called Third Stream, which has always sought inspiration in classical music and that I admire. So I’m happy with the contribution of Achromatic Project , which moves bravely and without prejudice through these worlds that fluctuate between Bach, Mozart, impressionism, neoclassicism or film music without worrying about what others will say.”

Íñigo Ortega – 2019

“The pianist Daniel Picazo bets on a surrounding and universal jazz, with a disc that keeps the listener engaged from the first notes until the end of the recording.”

J. V. Bolta – 2019 Link
–Canfali Marina Alta

“Magnificent compositions. Beautiful “Song for Eva”. Magnificent project Achromatic Project.”

Miquel Tusset Mallol – 2019
–Jazz Club de Nit

“I love the album. Once I hear it, I cannot get it out of my head.”

Pachi Tapiz – 2019

“Daniel Picazo did a wonderful job, we are delighted.”

Santi Molina – 2019
–La Montaña Rusa – Radiojazz

“Impeccably executed this album “Connected”. One of the songs that has impressed me most has been the wonderful “Song for Eva”. Beautiful theme “Children’s Corner”, delicate and precious piece.”

Ramón García – 2019
–Candil Radio, Si F.M., Rebote F.M.

“Beautiful and sensitive music. A tremendously beautiful álbum and a very close band.”

Julián Ruesga – 2019
–Jazz en español – Onda local Andalucía

“A very brave and personal music, authentic, sensitive and a timeless beauty, totally in line with current trends, especially European jazz, where the works have an argument, that here makes “Achromatic” creativity and talent. I want to congratulate Daniel Picazo for this “Total Jazz”, the group and all the team that has collaborated on this CD, which enters the group of the “essentials”.

Ramón Robusté Mialet – 2019
Calafell Radio

“Pleasant, careful, suggestive, romantic, visual, cinematographic music, music for the whole family.”

Juan Emilio Estil-les – 2019
–Hot Radio. (Programa Alto Aragón Jazz Club)

“A very lyrical record. Great balance between jazz and classical music. Good melodies, good compositions and amazing harmonic twists.”

Sergio Cabanillas – 2020
–Universos Paralelos