The idea of bringing jazz and classical music closer together has been a constant mid-twentieth century in an attempt to stimulate the creativity of the composers and interpreters.

Achromatic Project enters this territory with an original proposal that stands out for the lyrical nature of its melodies and for a variety of sounds and rhythms that intertwine and flow in a natural way.

Achromatic Project has an inherent sound, but without giving up different influences: from classical authors like the French impressionists to the most contemporary jazz. The objective is to offer a music of universal vocation.

The structure of Achromatic Project varies depending on the themes, appearing sometimes in piano trio formation, others in quartet with saxophone, also with cello, sometimes incorporating the voice of a mezzo-soprano and even the classical string quartet, which provides a sonorous richness with a special, powerful and, at the same time, delicate timbre.

Achromatic Project is led by the composer and pianist Daniel Picazo.